Yes! and here's why....

how nice would it be to look back on your images and see your much loved pet growing up along side you and your family? 

whether your pet is a dog, a cat, a horse or a bird,

they are your family and I would love to capture these precious memories of you all together for you. 

Plus, an added bonus, because my sessions are lifestyle, your pet is welcome to come along, at no extra charge.

They are then apart of your family photos, they get a portrait photo and we capture all the fun and antics in between.

I absolutely love animals, big and small.

I've had been lucky to have had a experience with a range of pets in my lifetime, 

from horses, goats, cows, ducks, rats and mice, cats and dogs so be reassured that I'm confident around animals.

I currently have a sweet English Springer Spaniel, called Primrose,

my beautiful cat, Kalhua who I've had in my life since a kitten and is now 16 years old!

and two Indian runner ducks called Elvis and Priscilla.

.....and I would love to meet your animals too!

Here's a list of my advice I created to help you and your pet prepare for your session:

  • Sometimes a drive maybe involved so I recommend arriving a little early to allow them to become accustomed to their new location, have a toilet break and allow them to release any excitable or nervous energy, especially if they're not a fan of being in the car.

  • Be patient with your pets. Much like my advice that I give regarding children, there is no need to rush and if they need a break that's okay.

  • Pamper your pet before the photo session. You like to look nice for your session but don't forget about your pet too! feel free to bring along brush or wet wipes for their eyes or mouth before the photo.

  • Does your pet have a favourite toy? whether it's a ball, a squeaky toy, a stuffed animal or blanket your pet's favourite possesion can help make your family photo session a breeze. This will not only help reduce your pets stress but can help get their attention.

  • Bring water and treats. Have plenty of fresh water on hand and bring along their favorite delicious treats. 

  • Just like with their toys, treats can also be used to help focus your pets and reward them for a job well done!

  • Location or home? I am more then happy to have the session at your own home if this is easier for your family and your pet,  but I do offer a pet friendly location list that is made available at time of booking.

Including your pet in your next family session may present some challenges but with proper preparation and patience I know that you will love your images and will certainly bring fond memories for years to come!.

Shae Bayley Photography is now booking 2023 on beyond. Please click here for more session information

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