Be present

this is something I tend to remind families at the start of my photo sessions

why do I say this?

because I know what it took for you to be here, at my photo session and naturally it can leave you feeling a little flustered by the time you arrive, especially if you're a parent!

Being able to be present, means you're fully enjoying the moment that you are in and focused and engaged in the here and now.

So, I want you to take a moment to simply be.

To remind yourself to be here, right now during your photo session.

When you allow yourself and your children to be present it lets your natural personality shine through, your interactions will come from a place of love, and you'll notice the session will flow in a calm manner.

Let go of "perfection" don't stress over the kids looking the "right way" at the camera.

I'm then able to document the story that unfolds between you and your family.

and it will lead to authentic moments shown in this photo of Marcella and Julian happily playing.

be present, embrace the chaos and have fun.







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